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Jan 05, 2016  Wait Times. Get uptodate information you need on Airport and Border wait times before you begin your travel. Airport Wait Times Estimated wait times for incoming travelers at top major U. S. airports. Preclearance Airport Queue Times Estimated queue times forOct 18, 2018 Flights departing to the United States will clear U. S. Customs and Border Protection in Toronto. This means you arrive in the United States as a domestic passenger. The hours of operation for preclearance are at Terminal 3 and at Terminal 1. us border wait times pearson airport

line ups are aggravating so waste time by leaving a tip while you wait; ) Sacha June 20, 2013. u. s. customs and border protection toronto toronto pearson international airport us immigrations toronto

Jun 24, 2013 US Immigration Wait times Pearson Airport (Rush Hour) Over the next 3 Mondays I will be travelling for work out of Pearson airport. All my flights are AC and out of T1 at Pearson, all going to the US, leaving between 745 to 845. I have heard from people that wait times can range from 10 mins to 2 hours during rush hour to clear US immigration. You may want to leave 3 hours for travelling to US from Canada. Toronto Pearson airport is the fourth largest air entry point into the U. S. , with 5. 6 million passengers travelling to the U. S. from Canada each year. Previously, passengers went directly to U. S. security, without baggage screened prior to entering the customs area. Now, carryon and checked baggage will be border wait times pearson airport airport wait times PRECLEARANCE INFORMATION U. S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) closely monitors the amount of time a passenger must wait prior to being inspected, commonly referred to as queue times at Preclearance airport locations.

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