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Malign Muses: When Fashion Turns Back. The exhibition created the opportunity to commission work by jeweller Naomi Filmer who created mannequin prosthetics, illustrator Ruben Toledo, the twodimensional graphics, and Yuri Avvakumov, a leading Russian architect to design the final section The Garden of the Forking Paths,May 08, 2005 Malign Museswhen Fashion Turns Back. Discussion in 'Designers and Collections' started by Scott, Sep 26, 2004. malign muses when fashion turns back

Malign MusesSpectres: When Fashion Turns Back (clothing design) The themes of memory, loss, ruination and haunting are usually inimical to fashion but they are at the heart of my own practice and were in the vanguard of late 1990s developments in experimental fashion. Caroline Evanss book 'Fashion at the Edge' (Yale 2003),

Abstract. The exhibition 'Malign Muses: When Fashion Turns Back' was commissioned by ModeMuseum, Antwerp, a museum which opened to showcase the regions historic collection and reflect the experimental fashion associated with the Antwerp Academy. \ud \ud The brief for the exhibition was twofold: to reflect the influence of the past on recent dress (a homage to the museum); and to create Malign Muses, When Fashion Turns Back depicts in several ways how fashion and dress relate to their origin and past.malign muses when fashion turns back Spectres: When Fashion Turns Back. 18 September 2004 30 January 2005 ModeMuseum, Antwerp (As Malign Muses: When Fashion Turns Back) 24 February 8 May 2005 Victoria& Albert Museum, London Spectres set out to reveal the connections between recent fashion and its past. Set up as a series of seven fairground attractions,

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