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The New Order Amish are a subgroup of Amish which is close to the Old Order Amish. Some scholars see the group best characterized as a subgroup of Old Order Amish, despite the name. New Order Amish split away from the Old Order Amish in the 1960s for a variety of reasons, which included a desire for clean youth courting standards, meaning they do not condone the practice of bundling, orJan 24, 2014  The New Order men may cut their hair shorter and may trim their beards. LanguageBoth Old and New Order speak Pennsylvania Dutch. Electricity and TechnologyNeither Old Order or New Order have electricity in their homes, though the New Order Amish are more open to new technologies. They are more liberal in the use of telephones in the house old order amish vs new order amish

NEW ORDER AMISH: A Matter of Faith. New Order Amish are often seen as one of the most progressive of Amish groups. Less traditional dress, neatly groomed beards and hair, and homes with telephones are just a few things that set them apart from their Old Order counterparts.

Apr 30, 2012  Old Order VS New Order Amish. Posted Apr 30 2012, 8: 42 am. Today, DAYBREAK feels like the book that will never end! Its officially due tomorrow, and my hope of turning it in early has long since fallen by the wayside. Of course, there are other differences between old order and new order which shouldn't go unnoticed. While both factions use horsedrawn buggies rather than cars, the buggies found in new order Amish settlements contain modern improvements. It's not uncommon to find rubber tires with comfortable interior improvements in new order Amish buggies.old order amish vs new order amish New Order and Old Order Amish disagree less today than in the past. New Order and Old Order Amish are cut from similar cloth and share much in common, including a similar approach to technology, use of horseandbuggy for travel, and plain dress.

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