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The Monastery of Ascension, or the Ascension dungeon, is a highlevel Slayer dungeon in the Feldip Hills that contains a number of magicbased monsters, all of which are weak to Ranged. The monastery is home to the Order of Ascension, a former Guthixian group that has been kidnapping local villagers. The lowest level monsters in the monastery require 81 Slayer, while the bosses require 95 Slayer.First time Order of Ascension slayer task (self. runescape) submitted 2 years ago by aquastream Quick question, i've read that its best to use range against the Order of Ascension monsters. rs order of ascension members

Order of Ascension Slayer Task (self. runescape) submitted 1 year ago by dbzrune I just got my first order task and was wondering which monster of the order provides best GP per task and is

By Omnitec. It is home to the Order of Ascension; a misguided group dedicated to Guthix who have been kidnapping and experimenting on local villagers in order to create a new god to worship. Its inhabitants require level 81 Slayer to kill, however there are also 6 Legio bosses, each requiring level 95 slayer to Order of Ascension Members. History. The order base its beliefs on Guthix's principles, founded and made to fight against Trivia. As of 1 February 2018, the highest kill count for these monsters was 1, 260, 000 kills [1. References. Mod Shauny. Top 10 killers per Boss. 2 Feb order of ascension members Jul 15, 2013  RuneScape EoC Slayer Guide Order of Ascension Members In this RuneScape EoC Slayer Guide, I show you the quickest way to complete an Order of Ascension members

The Order of Ascension a group of misguided Guthix followers are responsible for a spate of kidnappings. Little else about them is known except that they must be stopped. Ocellus a Guardian of Guthix waits at the ruined chapel northwest of Oo'glog. rs order of ascension members Jun 03, 2013 Order Of Ascension. RuneScape membership. Level 81 Slayer to enter the monastery. Level 95 Slayer to enter the laboratories and face the legiones (or a Coop Slayer partner with that level). Level 160 Combat (in addition to 81 Slayer) to be given Order of Ascension slayer assignments. Below the Monastery of Acension in the Feldip Hills lies the Ascension Dungeon. This dungeon is home to the Order of Ascension, a former group of Guthixians led by six powerful Legiones who have been kidnapping the local villagers and turning them into the creatures found the dungeon through experimentation aimed at creating a new god to worship in the wake of Guthix's death.

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